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Why You Should Renovate Your Pool Deck This Summer

Summer is finally here, and the whole family can’t wait to enjoy the pool and have pool parties. It’s time to ask yourself if you should renovate your pool deck since you’re spending a lot of time there. Here are a few reasons why you should.

It’s Starting to Form Cracks

Pool deck surfaces, especially concrete ones, need maintenance or renovation every three or four years because they start to form cracks. This problem doesn’t look good when you have company over, and it’s such a pain if you forget your flip-flops and decide to walk around barefoot. Take the chance to have your pool deck paved in a new style to fix any cracks or damages, and let yourself and your family enjoy the pool carefreely.

You’re Just Sick of It

You’ve been using the pool every year, staring at the same floor at every pool party. Now you’re just sick and tired of it. It’s your opportunity to start fresh with a new modern look that fits the newest trends. Take a chance and try rectangular deck pavers that match your house and enjoy the new view of your house.

You’re Planning to Sell Your House

If you’ve been exploring selling your house, you must consider new and more creative ways to bump up the price point. An aesthetically pleasing new pool deck that compliments the rest of the home exterior is sure to be a hot selling point that can easily mark up the value.

You Want to Start Earning from Your House

Nowadays, people want to have several different earning streams. If you have other living options, it’s good to earn from a big house by putting it on rent or turning it into an Airbnb. It would be wise to have an impressive poolside decor to entice prospective renters to choose your property.

Make Your Backyard Look Bigger

You can make your backyard look bigger by creating a seamless transition between your patio and your pool deck by choosing the same pavers to decorate both. Doing this creates the illusion of a bigger backyard since there wouldn’t be any breaks in color.


Color blocking is a superb design, but it does shorten a space while keeping long lines of the same color elongate spaces. So, if you’ve been wondering how to renovate your pool deck, this is a pretty good pool deck design idea.

Add a Walkway to Your Pool

Sometimes the pool surface is fine, but the space is missing something from being perfect. Perhaps a lovely walkway to your pool could be the final element necessary. The walkway could continue to other places you desire to have a walkway, like the garden or the patio. Walkways offer convenience and look great.

You Want More Color

If you’re tired of concrete decks and want to play around with different colors to make a funky outdoor poolside space, choosing different colored pavers and a stunning pattern they can follow is an excellent way to add a burst of unexpected color. With more color to play with, you have more freedom in choosing your pool furniture and decorations when having a pool party.