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Tips on Poolside Paver Maintenance

Adding lustrous pavers to a poolside deck can instantly jazz it up, giving the landscape a tidy look. Regardless of the pool size or the state of the surrounding aesthetics, encircling a pool with a spiffed-up deck is sure to enhance the place’s appeal. Aside from making a poolside area welcoming and slick, pavers also significantly improve the floor’s safety around a tank brimming with water. Soaked in water, fresh-out-of-the-pool swimmers often slip on the floor when making their way towards the loungers because the floor lacks traction. But if high-toned concrete pavers are used over a poolside deck, the chances of slipping accidents are reduced considerably. Simply put, putting paver slabs around a pool enhance not only the aesthetics but also the on-site safety.

But just pasting sleek paving blocks next to a pool is not enough for a long-lasting appearance. If a person doesn’t keep their poolside deck cleaned, it will lose its luster, becoming drab and uninviting pretty quickly. Therefore, for long-lasting visual and safety enhancements, maintaining poolside pavers is a must. And the best part about keeping up with a paved poolside deck’s upkeep is the ease of it, provided you do it regularly. If you stay on schedule and do a fine grooming job, your poolside pavers will shine on till the end of time.

Want to look after your pool area, right? Here’s how to do it.

Get Rid Of All The Solid Rubbish.

The first (and the easiest) step of a poolside upkeep regime is removing all the visible (ideally) dry waste, such as dead foliage, wrappers, etc. you can use a broom to do it or separately pluck garbage using a gator.

Collect all the discarded items in a pile and then dispose  of them.

Wash The Area

The next step of a poolside cleaning regimen is giving the area a good bath. Here’s what you’ll need to wash the space around your pool

  • A hose
  • Mild detergent
  • A bucket
  • A floor Scrubber

A warm bathing session can do wonders for the health of your poolside deck. And it doesn’t even take very long, especially if you do it every few days. Another benefit of regular washing is the ease of cleaning. That is, if you bathe your poolside area, let’s say, twice a week, you will not have to put in a lot of effort in scrubbing it clean. Just a spray of water from the hose, and you’ll good to go. But be sure to mop off the excess water after and leave the premise completely dry.

As mentioned earlier, if you follow a schedule and tidy up your poolside deck without slacking off, you will not have to wear yourself out scrubbing the floor. However, if you sometimes go days without cleaning the place, the chances are that it will develop stubborn stains that might not come off with just a spray of water. In that case, bring out the big guns, aka the detergent and bucket.

Prepare a cleaning solution using water and detergent. Use the scrubber to rub the concocted formulation onto any blotches you wish to wipe; scrub the affected area well, albeit with a gentle hand. Once the nasty patches are gone, spray away the residual detergent mix.


Installing pavers can be a little expensive (depending on the choice of blocks you choose). So, when you decide to spend your money on a paved poolside deck, you should make the most out of it by keeping your pool maintenance game strong!