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The Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

The advantages of artifical turf include having a perfect lawn all year round and low maintenance work. You don’t have to mow or water the lawn or apply fertilizer. However, there are also some disadvantages.

Artificial grass, as the name suggests, looks artifical at times. This might not seem like a con, but it does make a difference when it comes to aesthetics. It also comes with high installation costs and environmental concerns.

Let’s take a look at these pros and cons in detail below.


Perfect All-Year Round

Artificial grass tends to look perfect all year round. Even if there is a drought or you have been away from home, you get a lush green look. Artificial grass never grows out and never looks unkempt or discolored.

Durable and Long Lasting

Artificial grass significantly lasts longer than natural grass. It is also durable, so children and pets can play easily. It gives the yard a neat look as you won’t find uneven patches of grass here and there. Even though patches can occur over time due to wear and tear, they will still go a long time before requiring replacement.


Artificial grass is cheaper and easier to maintain as compared to natural grass. It has fewer preservation costs and does not need to be mowed, weeded or fertilized. It may require vacuuming and slight repairs but infrequently. Artificial grass also does not need to be watered; hence, it is a great option for water conservation.

A Kid and Dog-Friendly Option

Artificial grass is both dog-friendly and kid-friendly. Dogs’ urine does not ruin the grass, and dogs don’t dig holes in it. Parents also prefer artificial grass over natural grass as it’s a mess-free option and eliminates the chance of messy footprints.



As artificial grass looks so perfect, people can often tell that it’s not real. Natural grass is never bright green and blemish-free all year round.

Can Be Expensive

Even though artificial grass is cheaper to maintain, it is still costly to install. It usually costs double what it costs to install a natural lawn from scratch.

Concerns Over Quality

There have been concerns over the quality of artificial grass. Ensure you purchase artificial grass from a reputable company that guarantees a safe product. You don’t want your artificial turf to contain toxic chemicals or harmful substances.

Can Burn in Heat

Artificial grass can burn up under direct sunlight and risk burning. If you have an unshaded artificial turf, surface burns are very much possible, especially for toddlers and young children.

Can Cause Runoff

Artificial grass can sometimes cause chemical runoff when it rains hard. This is because chemicals present in the grass can be absorbed by the water.