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Pool Tiles for Different Aesthetics

Are you ready to renovate your pool but unsure what style to choose? We’ve got you covered. We have separated different tiles by the styles they are best for. Do you want a Greco-Roman fantasy or summer forever vibes? Read on to choose the best tiles for your pool.

Travertine for Roman Fantasy

Did you know that the Roman coliseum is made almost exclusively of travertine? The natural stone that develops around specific mineral deposits gives a raw ancient look. You can pair them with roman inspired pool furniture and blue pool umbrellas to complete the look.

The crystal clear pool water and the travertine tiles make you feel like a Greek God chilling in the summer.

Synthetic Grass for a Forever Summer

You can pave your pool with synthetic grass to make your pool deck super green and refreshing. Since the grass is artificial, you won’t track any mud into the pool. It will give it an evergreen look. Any bright-colored decorations will pop against the green.

If you love neon lights and pool parties all the time, this is the best look for you.

Concrete Tiles For a Minimalist void

If you want a bold minimalist pool experience, concrete is the way. These tiles have a great feel great to walk on, and provide a little textural detail while being the perfect modern minimalist favorite grey.

If you want any white or black pool furniture to look fabulous, concrete tiles if the best backdrop. Concrete tiles are better than straight poured concrete since they can handle seasonal temperature changes better and crack much less.

They do not have to be plain boring rectangles either. You have the freedom to design them custom to your vision. Go wild with abstract shapes and arrange them in any pattern.

Old Money Brick Pavers

Have you ever seen those old red brick houses or mansions covered partially with ivy? They have something regal about them. The old money aesthetic doesn’t have to be limited to your clothes. You can have an old-money-inspired pool with brick pavers.

They come in an array of colors perfect for any setting, and you can spice up the space with many green outdoor potted plants. There is something about contrasting green plants against a brick background that looks too good. If you want a nice overall effect for your house, you can also have brick pavers line your patios to match your pool deck.

Stone Pavers for a Moroccan Dream

Nothing compares to the sheer raw beauty of Stone Tiles. They can be cut large or small depending on the look you are going for. If you want the Moroccan dream resort look, we recommend using large tiles showing off the stones. They are the most sought-after paving materials in the first place.


Now you know what looks different paving materials will achieve. We hope you have a blast changing your pool style and throw a huge party afterward.