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Paver Removal


paver removal arizona

Creating a beautiful patio in your garden without using concrete is now made easy with the use of pavers or paving stones. Typically, even if colored and rectangular, pavers come in different sizes, colors, and shapes to suit the yard’s unique motif.

If you are planning to relay your pavers or like to get rid of the damaged ones, we provide the man power and tools to shimmy pavers loose.  Here is what we typically do when removing pavers:

  1. Get rid of the dirt and debris from pavers with the use of small broom.
  2. We wedge a trowel’s thin blade into the seam with the paver’s short side we want to eliminate.
  3.  We insert the spackle knife’s blade into the seam on its opposite short side. When possible, we push the blades to the seams.
  4. We grasp the handles of the tool and start pushing them back and forth while loosening the paver.
  5. As we push them back and forth, we pull up the handles to start lifting the pavers away from others. The pavers will be loose at this point.
  6. We grab the paver’s top once we got a firm grip on it.  We pull it away from the other pavers and put it aside.
  7. If necessary, we replace that area using another paver.
  8. We eliminate any other troublesome pavers with the use of this same method.

If you need individual or complete paver removal services in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler or Queen Creek – be sure to give us a call or request a free estimate online!

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