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Paver Leveling


paver leveling arizona

The last thing you want to experience is to trip on uneven pavers! As you are probably aware, if the ground under the pavers is not level, then you have a un-even paver foundation!

Leveling the ground happens before laying the pavers or paving stones. When we develop a firm foundation which supports the pavers evenly and drains water away, the pavers are going to remain level once we place them above a sturdy foundation.

Here is what the paver leveling process entails:

  1. We install stakes that are pushed 5 to 8 inches to the ground to serve as boundaries of the path or other projects. The stakes are placed around where every paver is going to rest.
  2. We tie a string in between those stakes at a ground level. This string indicates the top of pavers.
  3. We usually Dig 6” into the ground along the area where pavers would rest.
  4. We use a carpenter’s level on the place where we dig and check instruments to see whether or not the area is level. If the place isn’t level, we remove the carpenter’s level and move the soil to make a better level base.
  5. We continue checking for un-level spots and move soil until the area is level.
  6. Once level, we lay a base paver fabric for the foundation of the pavers. If you would like grass to grow through the pavers we would skip this step.
  7. We then remove the stakes and continue to lay paver fabric down on the path’s edges or some projects with bender-board edging.
  8. We then proceed to cover ground with a two-inch deep gravel layer.
  9. We spread the two-inch deep sand layer over the gravel. We dampen the sand lightly with water. We then smooth out the damp sand using a rake.
  10. The last step involves pounding the sand with hand tamper to flatten it. We check the sand’s top surface areas with a carpenter’s level and move the sand as needed until the sand’s top is level.
  11. Lastly, the pavers may be placed on the prepared areas even and flat surface!

To avoid the headache and frustrations of leveling pavers, be sure to give us a call! We are paver leveling experts!

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