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Driveway pavers in Gilbert Arizona and across the valley are now a very popular option for many homeowners, which is not a big surprise because these are more visually attractive compared to traditional driveways like gravel, asphalt, and poured concrete. Although the prices are higher, the final result is going to be more than worth the extra expense.

Driveway pavers are made available in different materials which are highly economical and appealing at the same time. These include clay brick, interlocking concrete, and granite, among other kinds of natural stone. The number one factor is that these pavers have longer life span compared to cheaper traditional materials because of their durability and strength, particular under heavier vehicular loads.

When selecting and researching driveway pavers, there are several key factors you have to consider for you to come up with the best decision. Selecting the most suitable paver product will depend on the amount of vehicle weight and traffic your driveway accommodates. You also have to factor in rain and water conditions.

Natural stone and clay brick pavers are more appropriate to driveways as these boast of a higher density and overall compressive strength, not to mention that they are more ideal to rainfall and extreme weather conditions. These pavers are also less prone to cracking or fading unlike asphalt or concrete.

You can find several outstanding permeable paver products which can handle loads of vehicular traffic really well but have been designed to drain away and filter water from your driveway to prevent moisture and puddles from setting in that often lead to sinking and other possible problems.

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