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Are Concrete Pavements the Best Option? | Paving Contractors in Arizona

Curbside appeal is often the first thing we hear when home improvement experts are talking on TV

because it can impact how people view your house when passing by. To make a good first impression, you want to ensure that you hire the best paving contractors in Arizona as well as choose a decent material for the job.

Choosing subpar material or having a pavement in poor condition will definitely impact your curbside appeal and even reduce your property value. Today, we will take a look at all the different materials you can get and weigh them against concrete.

Paving Materials You May Be Using Right Now

Concrete driveways can require seal coating, which is why people may select one of the options below.

Stone or Gravel

While gravel can be quite affordable and is great for drainage, it can wreak havoc during winters.  You can’t clear the snow without impacting the stone floor too. The gravel can become washed out during heavy storms and often has weed growth.


Asphalt is quite a durable material, but it requires a lot of maintenance and care. You will need to reseal it every few years to ensure that it stays in good shape. This can be quite costly for homeowners on a budget. If it isn’t laid properly, it can develop cracks quite easily too.

Brick or Pavers

Paving contractors in Arizona have found that a lot of people consider bricks to be the most premium paving material. It is definitely resistant to damage and quite strong, but they also have thaw/freeze cycles, which can create damage. Dealing with loose blocks from low or sinking spots can be quite frustrating too. Heavy weight trucks, SUVs, and cars can also cause the bricks to become uneven from the weight, resulting in the need for repairs.

Why Is Concrete Better?

Paving contractors in Arizona recommend concrete since it can be perfect for residential homes. Concrete pavements can be quite safe and durable. You don’t have to deal with the loss of texture since it doesn’t get washed away like stone can. It is also quite low maintenance since you don’t need sealing as you do with asphalt. It isn’t as expensive as bricks either, making it quite a good option for homeowners who are on a budget.

It can take on heavy weight, unlike bricks. You also don’t even have to deal with collecting debris or weeds as you do with stone. Commercial businesses can also benefit from concrete since it can take high traffic; it is resistant to damage and quite durable. The best part is that it is easy to color so you can match it your home’s or commercial business’s aesthetic.

Concrete pavements tend to stay perfect for years and years. However, you do need to hire professional paving contractors in Arizona to do the job effectively. Gilbert Paver Co have years of experience with dedicated, trained teams. To find out more about paving materials and costs, click here now.