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5 Tips to Keep Your Pavers Looking New and Fresh

Getting stone paving is one of the most effective ways to increase the curb appeal of your property. Paved driveways, walkways, and patios not only look modern and classy, but they also improve your property’s value in the market. All these reasons are good enough to get pavers installed. However, with time, pavements lose their appeal, become uneven, cracked, and end up being a visual turn-off altogether.

Getting pavers installed over a large area is a major investment. Once you make that sort of investment, you naturally want your pavers to look new and fresh for as long as possible. We have listed down some of the most effective paver maintenance tips that will help keep your pavers as fresh as new for a very long time.

1. Use Broom with Coarse Brittles

To keep your pavers looking new and fresh, you have to make sure that you clean them adequately. Routinely use a stable broom with coarse brittles. This will ensure that no debris accumulates between the gaps. Weeds and leaves that get stuck can contribute to the pavers shifting further apart over time. This is the primary paver maintenance tip that must be followed!

2. Get Rid of Weeds

As we mentioned earlier, weeds may get stuck between the paver stones. These may cause the pavers to shift in the long run. This is why we recommend that you get rid of any weeds if there are. Apply a weed preventive agent between the joints routinely.

3. Avoid Using Power-Washers

Avoid the use of power washers on your pavers. The pressure of water coming from a power-washer is incredibly high, and this can result in the removal of paver finishing material. If that gets removed, the stability and durability of your paved surface will get affected.

4. Use Specialized Stain Removing Solutions

Before applying any cleaning solution on the paver surface, apply only a small amount on a small area to make sure you get the desired results. Follow the cleaning instructions closely. If there are any tough stains on your pavement, use specialized cleaners for those particular stains. Different types of cleaners are available for different stains on pavers. These cleaners will not affect the color or appearance of your pavers.

5. Protect the Joints

One of the most important paver maintenance tips is to protect the joints. The joints between paver stones are highly vulnerable. You should make sure that these joints have been topped with jointing sand. This will prevent the layer of sand-bedding underneath the paver stones from deteriorating. Also, make sure that you apply a sealer every three years to keep your pavers looking at their best. For pavers that are already old and aging and are under the effect of weather, use a glossy sealant to restore the fresh appearance.


Following paver maintenance tips will help you sustain the fresh appearance of your pavers for a fairly long time. Ensuring that the pavers are adequately and properly cleaned and protected from anything that may cause their shifting are the prerequisites of maintaining your pavers.