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5 Tips to Keep Your Pavers Looking Great

Pavers are an essential element of the outdoor design of any property, be it residential or commercial. Pavers are highly versatile and can be used in whatever style of outdoor landscape you’re trying to achieve – minimalist and chic or rugged and rustic.

One of the best features of pavers is that they’re low maintenance. You don’t need to spend hefty bucks trying to keep them in good shape, but they can make use of some good maintenance every now and then. Just because they’re low maintenance doesn’t imply they are damage-proof.

If you want to preserve the original aesthetics of your pavers, you might find the below-listed pavers maintenance tips quite helpful.

1. Get it Right the First Time

The maintenance of pavers starts from the time they’re installed. While all pavers may look fantastic in the beginning, if they aren’t laid out well in the beginning, it’ll only be a while till they start to sink and crack. So, the first tip that you must follow is to ensure you’re getting your pavers installed by experienced professionals only.

2. Seal Coat Your Pavers

Pavers are low maintenance, but they too can get damaged. Pavers are exposed to intensive wear and tear. They’re exposed to physical abrasion and weather elements that can cause their surface to deteriorate and crack. One way you can prevent that from happening and keeping the pavers looking as good as new season after season is to apply a seal coat over the paver surface that will serve as a barrier from all harsh elements.

3. Clean them Regularly

Pavers are meant to be used roughly. They get dirty too soon. Dirt, dust, oil, and grease, all of these elements can make your pavers look dirty and unappealing to look at. If you want your pavers to look great, clean them regularly. Pressure wash them and clean them using appropriate cleaning agents. Make sure you aren’t using a pressure washer at very high pressure. A commercial pressure washer can actually damage the paver surface. All you need to do is wash your paver surface with water and cleaning agents, followed by scabbing and rinsing.

4. Ensure Proper Drainage

Another important paver maintenance tip is to ensure there’s proper drainage. Rainwater shouldn’t be allowed to stand on the surface. Make sure it drains away as soon as possible.

5. Top Up with Jointing Sand

Your pavers may need occasional jointing at the joints. For this reason, keep a bag of jointing sand handy and top the paver joints with jointing sand whenever you feel there’s a need. This will ensure that your pavement stays strong and stable for many years to come.

It’s very easy to keep your pavers looking great. All you need to do is keep up with its day-to-day maintenance. Doing so would prolong the lifespan of your paved surfaces. If you want your pavers to look the best all the time, start with what’s necessary – hire professionals for the job. When you take the right start, maintaining your pavers in top shape won’t be that hard!